Peace Regime



I came up with the concept of "Peace Regime" back in 2008. At the time I wanted it to be a brand for the music I was creating. I wanted it to be about good, positive music made by positive people. Since then it has become an umbrella for all of my creative and business endeavors. I have always believed that music and all other forms of self expression can be used as a powerful way to empower people to do great things and to improve their lives. Today I still believe this, and I try to incorporate this in all that I do.


In a nutshell, Peace Regime is a creative collective that believes in people. We believe in the good of people. We believe in helping people. We are a record label, book publisher, boxing gym, or whatever else we decide to do at that point in time. In all that we do, we strive to do something positive, to do our best, and to in some way or another help make the world we live in a better place to be.


If you ever believe there is some way we could help you out...  get in touch. 



Andrew X

Founder Of Peace Regime